Ludo Neo King And Snack Ladder


Play Parcheesi and Snakes and Ladders using your smartphone


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Ludo Neo King And Snack Ladder is an app that lets you play both Ludo King, a game that’s similar to Parcheesi; as well as Snack Ladder, also known as Snakes and Ladders.

Using the app is easy: to start off, you have to pick the game you want to play. Then, choose whether you want to play against your friends or the artificial intelligence using your smartphone. After that, just have fun with either one of the games.

Ludo King has a board that’s identical to the one in Parcheesi and the gameplay varies very little to that of the original version: you have to wait until you roll a six on the dice to be able to use your game pieces and the objective is to get your four pieces to the center of the board inside your color. For Snack Ladder, you have to use the ladders and dodge the snakes to advance from the first square on the board until you reach the last one.

Ludo Neo King And Snack Ladder offers you worldwide classic board games from the comfort of your smartphone.